NAVSEA 2019 NDT Working Group
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Please contact if you have any questions regarding registration.

Attendees should come prepared with material to support discussions prior to the NDT WG meeting. A limited number of relevant presentations are scheduled for the first day of the NDT WG.

Please forward your organization's top 3 issues and proposed agenda items to the NDT WG host and NAVSEA 04X6 at least 30 days before the scheduled meeting date.

Naval Surface Warfare Center - Philadelphia (NSWCPD) will host the 2019 NDT WG in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the period 14-16 May 2019.

Please register as early as possible to support NSWCPD planning efforts. A complete agenda will be posted on the Amee Bay website 30 days before the start of the NDT WG meeting, but a tentative agenda and other pertinent information will be posted sooner.

In addition, the following link provides information about NSWCPD: NAVSEA will provide necessary security access information to NDT WG attendees via separate correspondence.

Contact the Working Group hosts, Robin Workman, if you have questions or comments. Robin Workman can be reached at (207) 703-3004, or e-mail The Working Group Chairperson is Mr. Jason Hence (NAVSEA 04X6NDT), (DSN) 439-4244, (COMM) (360) 476-4244, or e-mail



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