Engineering Services Support (HM&E)

In-Service Engineering Support ( ISE) is defined as support provided to systems and equipment currently in use. The basic premise of ISE is to ensure systems operate within design parameters during their planned life cycle. An important expansion of this idea is to improve a system’s operating efficiencies and/or to extend a systems economic lifetime.

ISE is Amee Bay, LLC’s pre-dominant focus and our complementary capabilities are derived from our passion for improving maintainability and increasing reliability of systems exposed to the harsh, shipboard operating environment.

It is a very broad function that includes prototype development, installation, testing & certification, and training. This entails ensuring that the proper logistic support; such as training plans, maintenance procedures, and spare parts, are in place when the change is installed. ISE also includes the test & evaluation of the engineering change and verification of compatibility with existing systems and equipment.

Amee Bay has expertise with virtually every propulsion, hull, mechanical, electrical and auxiliary system on board commercial ships, naval ships, and submarines such as:

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