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Company Profile

A subsidiary of Three Saints Bay, LLC and owned by Old Harbor Native Corporation, Amee Bay is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)-owned, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), 8(a) Program graduate.

Amee Bay is an engineering and technical services firm specializing in six core business areas:

  • Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) Services
  • Ship Modernization and Repair
  • Information Assurance
  • C5ISR Systems
  • Industrial Services
  • Dry Ice Cleaning

Amee Bay's technical workforce consists of more than 150 highly talented engineers, technicians, and analysts with more than 1,500 years of combined experience in our six core business areas.

With its Corporate Headquarters located in Anchorage, AK, Amee Bay maintains its Operational Headquarters in Charleston, SC and operates core facilities strategically located near concentrations of maritime activity and naval homeports including Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Charleston, SC; and Philadelphia, PA.

Amee Bay

What Amee Bay Can Do

Amee Bay will maximize your productivity and reliability by providing the highest quality, most technically advanced products and services that are available. You can expect the attention necessary to optimize results anywhere in the world.

The environment is protected and natural resources preserved through engineering solutions we provide to meet your specific needs and in compliance with local, state and federal requirements.

  • Amee Bay provides specialized engineering, troubleshooting, training, and technical support. All of which is built on years of experience serving the U.S. Navy, commercial and maritime customers
  • From maintenance skills to management, Amee Bay engineers can provide a solution to meet your company's specific needs
  • Amee Bay provides methodical and extensive project planning, execution, and both project & program management
  • Amee Bay is a full service company, including design, parts and material acquisition, rip out, installation, and project management

Our Corporate Values


To deliver shareholder value through innovative and cost effective products, services, and solutions to our customers through exceptional standards of service, reliability, safety, quality, agility and cost containment.

Commitment to Ethics
At Amee Bay, our relationships with shareholders, employees, customers and business partners rest on a foundation of integrity and trust. Our success is dependent on each individual's commitment to enduring values of ethical behavior. Amee Bay embodies all of the key attributes involved in successful program execution and problem resolution. We have extensive corporate expertise, strong financial backing, a robust organizational structure, and exceptional employees focused on supporting a myriad of customer requirements in our six core business areas.

Commitment to Our Customers
Our commitment to our customers is of the utmost importance. The needs of our customers always come first. We are committed to delivering the most innovative and cost effective products, services and solutions available in our industry. By setting and adhering to exceptional customer service standards, we are committed to making our customer's experience with Amee Bay both unique and rewarding. Amee Bay is committed to partnering with our customers to achieve their ultimate goals.
Commitment to Our Communities

Amee Bay supports the members of the Old Harbor Native Alaskan community we represent by helping provide educational scholarships, employment opportunities, economic dividends, and innovation/improvements/infrastructure developments to the community. We also support the local communities where we operate and work by helping to develop and participate in educational and charitable initiatives sponsored by professional organizations and the communities.

Commitment to Our Employees

At Amee Bay, we believe that our employees are our most important resource and our success rests in their hands. Consequently; we are committed to creating and promoting a safe, drug free and productive work environment in which our employees work together with common goals, treating each other with respect and nurturing an environment where opinions, attitudes, attributes and feelings can be shared openly and respected.

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